Certified Compliance Professional (CCP™)

By: Global Academy of Finance and Management (GAFM)

Training Objectives

Certified Compliance Professional is a program designed to teach practical understanding of regulatory compliance needs. The program covers eight major subject areas and utilizes a variety of training techniques. The key areas of the curriculum include understanding the regulatory environment, who is responsible for compliance, the role of corporate governance and ethics in compliance programs, and the implementation of compliance programs. The emphasis will be on practical and pragmatic approaches, rather than theoretical.
The goal of this course is to provide Compliance Officers and Managers with skills that can be immediately used upon return to the organization. You will learn how to identify the compliance issues that have the most significance for you and how to introduce a compliance management program within your organization.

The certificate has been designed to enable its holders to:

Accreditation Body

Global Academy of Finance and Management ® – USA


Accredited or Government Recognized College Education.

Target Audience

Exam Specification

Training Methodology

The course will run using the following methodologies:

Training Details

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